13th September 2009

  • Added American Performance Gallery Page
  • Removed Motor Traders Gallery page - broken link

2nd May 2006

  • Stolen F350

12th October 2005

  • Added Motor Traders Gallery page

24th September 2005

  • Added Motor Traders to the contact database

17th May 2005

  • Updated "Links" page

13th February 2005

  • Updated "Buyers Guide" page

12th September 2004

  • Added "Buyers Guide" page

31st August 2004

  • Upgraded the "For Sale" section to a fully automated system and renamed it the Notice Board.

27th June 2004

  • Added link to Mad Max Movies web site from the links page.

7th February 2004

  • Just got back from the Brisbane Motor Show where I saw a great TV Ad at the Ford stand depicting an F-Series pulling a road train out of a bog. The video is not available on Ford's web site and I have no further info at present.

16th November 2003

  • Added Metro Ford & SouthSide Ford to the contact database.

13th November 2003

  • Added more pictures to the F-Trucks WA gallery.

22nd September 2003

16th September 2003

  • www.fseries.info launched