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I will not accept advertising from any business unless they are based in Australia and specialise in Ford F-Series vehicles, parts or service. This site is intended to be an information resource for Australian F-Series enthusiasts.

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The Fine Print!

Although this is technically a commercial web site, it is currently maintained by me in my free time and as such, any updates, amendments, changes etc are done at my convenience. Hosting of the site is funded with paid advertisements, sponsorship and/or donations from F-Series related businesses. Free advertising is available to any F-Series related business but is restricted to listings in the information section. Obviously paid advertisements occupy the more prominent, larger and more detailed advertising space on the site.

Definition of F-Series

For the record, my definition of Ford F-Series vehicles includes the following models:

F1, F100, F150, F250, F350, Bronco, Expedition, Excursion, Possible future inclusion of F450, F550 etc. (Not all of these models are available in Australia)

For the purposes of this site I do not include the following models:

Explorer, Ranger, E-Series

The Bronco was based on the older F-Series with a slightly shorter wheelbase and fixed fibreglass canopy. The Expedition is the closest equivalent to the Bronco based on the current F150 chassis. The Excursion is a similar but larger vehicle based on the heavy duty F350 chassis. I may later include the E-Series vans as they are very similar to the F-Series but they are very rare in Australia and therefore not currently included in this site.