St. Johns Ambulance WA currently use F250's with 7.3L turbo diesel engines. Unfortunately St. John's are looking at alternatives to the F-Series due to increased costs, it costs over $100,000 to import, convert and re-fit an F-Series truck into an Ambulance. The F-Series has served St. John's Ambulance well for over 20 years now and it will be a shame to see them go. They haven't made a decision yet and there are other vehicles, such as the E-Series van based on the same chassis, that may offer a viable but equally smart alternative.

I refuse to be taken to hospital in anything less than an F-Series.

The following pictures show various ambulances including the 1978 F100 and 1979 F100 4x4, a new ambulance being constucted and some examples of current models in use.

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Thanks to Stan Bacon and Alan Wright of St. John's Ambulance for all their assistance. Thanks also to Paull & Warner (Ambulance body builders) for allowing us to photograph their workshop.